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Xbox One 500GB, Black With Kinect - UK PAL

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Xbox One 500GB, Black With Kinect - UK PAL

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For Age:   4 +


Xbox One 500GB, Black With Kinect - UK PAL

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he Xbox One is a dream come true for passionate gamers. This console makes a great impact on next generation gaming by rendering improved graphics and delivering a smooth performance. It is a performance heavy beast as it incorporates a high end Octa Core processor that has a clock speed of 1.7GHz. The processor gives this console the power it needs to run all the graphics intensive games smoothly without any stutter or lag. An 8GB RAM is included in the console that adds to the power of the processor. The AMD Radeon GPU provides improved graphics with sharper textures, better shader pixels, and polished antialiasing. It also revamps the concept of multiplayer gaming. Team up with anyone from any country in the world and enjoy a glitch free multiplayer experience on this console. Multitasking on this console is a breeze as it lets you run multiple applications at the same time. You can play a game while listening to your favorite soundtrack. The Xbox Kinect takes gaming to a whole new level by capturing your movements and translating it into gameplay. The console offers a storage capacity of 500GB that lets you store a ton of HD films and TV shows. The Xbox One Standard Edition is available in a jet black finish and is for use in areas that employ the PAL video standard.