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Water Fuel SUV Car

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Water Fuel SUV Car

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The Dr. Toy Award WINNER - BEST VACATION Children's Products

A well thought out down to the smallest detail model, where the cylinder, piston, crankshaft occur visible in motion.

There can be two to three drops of salt water repeatedly put up to 5 minutes in motion.

All moving parts are visible through the transparent-blue plastic.

The four-wheel power of the 8-cylinder V-engine is enchanting.

It fascinates and inspires all ages.

Specifically wide wheel tires about 50 mm in diameter

No batteries required
- When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity
- Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source
- A fun demonstration of solar powe

Country of Origin: Made in Germany

10 Year Warranty for Solar Panel

(Conditions Apply)