Tay-Chian TC-220H Heavy Duty Coin Counting Machine

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TC-220H is suitable for worldwide coins or tokens. The large hopper and high counting speed, it is perfect solution for fast, accurate and reliable coin counting.



  • It has large hopper and durable components
  • Designed to withstand the heavy works in commercial counting application
  • It has only one simple adjustment for the diameter and thickness of units
  • It equipped with a chute which is designed to collect the counted coin easily
  • Counting speed up to 2,300 coins per minutes
  • Various counting mode with count, accumulate and batch

Hopper Capacity

3000 - 9000 coins (max)


Counting Speed

2300 coins/min. (max)


Applicable Coin Size

Diameter: Max: 34mm, Min: 14mm


Thickness:  Max 3.9mm, Min: 0.7mm


Display Type

LED (6 Digits)


Counting Mode



Sorting Method

Coin Size


Power Supply

AC 99V-121V, 60Hz; AC 198V-242V, 50Hz


Power Consumption

70W (during operation)


Net Weight

12 Kg



362 x 270 x 235 mm





Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Doa
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