Step2 Easy Turn Coupe Refresh

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  • Molded-in push handle in roof
  • Foot-to-floor coupe also has removable floor board and cup holders for both parents and child
  • Gas cap, ignition key and working horn for added pretend play fun
  • Open driver's side door with safety latch
  • Front castor wheel for easy maneuverability



Thanks to the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe riding toy, the kids can now experience the incredible joy of getting a sense of what real life driving feels like. A simple, straightforward transformation from a push buggy to a kid-powered car sheds light on how innovation can enhance the playful life of kids. In addition to this, the use of premium quality materials in this making of this riding toy boosts up its durability quotient to a great extent, thus making it last for a long time. Furthermore, the evergreen Green color finish on this car gives it a friendly outlook. Key Features Durable ride-on removable floor board Maximum weight 22.7 kg Parallel Change As the kid grows up and the push buggy is now more of a kid-powered riding toy, the integrated push handle that is conveniently molded into the roof to provide comfortable handling experience to the parents is no longer the driving factor. Now, the removable floorboard is taken out to allow the kid to gain control of their source of ultimate fun. With the power of legs, the kids ensure the smooth mobility of this riding toy. Furthermore, several pretend functions like the gas cap, ignition key, and working horn are also added to the design of this toy to provide a true-to-life experience. Convenience at its Best The Step2 Easy Turn Coupe riding toy sports three cups holders for both the parent and kid for quick refreshments. Also, the drivers side door features a safety latch to ensure an undeterred joyful experience for the kids. Moreover, this riding toy also sports a front castor wheel for effortless manoeuvrability. Also, this toy can bear a weight of up to 22.7kg for a comfortable ride.


Product Dimensions: 71.12 x 4406.9 x 87.63 cm;
Package Dimensions: 92.7 x 103.5 x 44.1 cm
Weight: 7.8KG
Shipping Weight: 7.8KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 18 year and above

GenderBoy / Girl
Age18 Months
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