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Sony Play Station Portable Street E1000

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Sony Play Station Portable Street E1000

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Sony Play Station Portable Street E1000

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Sony made a surprise announcement yesterday during Gamescom by introducing a new model of the PSP called the PSP-E1000. On the face of it, the new handheld sounds enticing. It’s got the same screen as the PSP-3000, keeps the UMD so is backwards compatible with all PSP games, comes in a charcoal black that matches the slim PS3, and will be available at a pocket-friendly price of 99 euros, which would equate to $99 in the U.S.

That’s where the good news stops though, as this is a limited-feature, budget version of the PSP models that have gone before. First of all, it won’t be launched outside of PAL territories, but U.S. gamers should definitely view that as a good decision with the very capable PSP-3000 remaining the only choice