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Schleich Budgie Green

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Schleich Budgie Green

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For Age:   2+
Brand:   Schleich


Colorful and chatty, parakeets may have blue or green plumage and a bright beak.

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A parakeet is a friendly, active bird that is sure to brighten your home. In the wild, parakeets are very social birds and are part of a flock, even their nests are evidence of their enjoyment of company. Many parakeet nests are made up of apartments perfect for a couple of birds. In homes, parakeets can learn up to one hundred words and can be tame enough to hold in hand or on a shoulder. They love to play and to eat seeds as well as fresh foods. With a balanced diet, parakeets can live for a decade or more! Length: 7.5cm. Ages: 3+