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R/C Fighting Robot - Mimic Your Motion

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R/C Fighting Robot - Mimic Your Motion

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For Age:   9 +
Brand:   RC TOYS


R/C Fighting Robot - Mimic Your Motion

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In the future, I believe massive robotic fighters will enter a boxing ring, while human boxers control them safely from the outside. When a real fighter jabs, hooks or uppercuts, their robotic doppelganger will mimic every move in the ring, until one robot short circuits and collapses into a metallic junk heap for a ten count. Until this day in our near future, young future brawlers today can practice the art of robot boxing with these cool new R/C Fighting Robot

Like an interactive version of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot, these high-tech remote controlled robot boxers mimic your hand motions to perform jabs and hooks against an opponent's robot. Just place one of the motion-sensitive controllers in each hand and built-in accelerometers and sensors interpret your punches and your boxing bot duplicate the move. In addition to understanding punches, there are also directional buttons on the infrared controllers to control forward and backward movement to avoid getting hit. The goal of the match is to strike an opponent's target sensor in the middle of the robot's chest to score a point. Four hits disables the bot and you both win the bout and hopefully some endorsement deals!