Powder Puff Dusting 8 Cms


Powder Gift Set - 8 oz jar of our Silk Body Powder - all natural - fragrance and talc-free along with a super puffy handmade powder puff.
This fluffy powder puff is made with baby soft polyester fleece and stuffed with fiberfill.
It is the perfect size at 4 - 4 1/2 inches wide to fit perfectly in a standard or vintage body powder container (the jar the powder comes in can be used to dispense - but it is not quite as wide as the puff.
The set is shipped in a protective outer box..
Note: Powder is 8 oz by volume and 4.6 oz net weight.
See our other listings for more puff designs and our talc-free silk or zinc based body powders and refill bags.

Gender Boy / Girl
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