Pigeon Baby Comb & Brush Set


The comb and brush set launched by Pigeon is designed to remain gentle on your baby. The comb comes with rounded tips that prevents scratches that can irritate your child. The comb also has ample space between the teeth to reduce tugging of hair so as not to hurt the child.

The brush is also designed with nylon bristles that are soft against the baby's head. It will not cause any scratches against the tender skin of the scalp. The nylon is the best material that one can use since no other material is quite as soft as the baby needs.

The comb and brush set are also made with high-quality and durable materials. They are long lasting and won't break easily. They are small so they can be carried outdoors by the parent easily

Product Highlights:

  • Rounded teeth of comb ensure no scratching against the tender scalp
  • Ample space between the teeth discourages tugging of hair
  • Soft nylon bristles on the brush protect the child
  • Made in cute designs that are lightweight and easy to hold
  • Made with non-toxIC and BPA free materials
  • High quality and durable product makes it long lasting
Gender Boy / Girl
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