Multi-Currency Detector (TC-705)

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Multifunction counterfeit detector TC-106 features a powerful UV and white light illumination to verify the critical features in banknotes (all currencies), passports ,ID card, credit cards and all other official documents.


  • Powerful double UV lamp (6W)Built-in 5X magnifying lens for micro-print verification 
  • Magnetic sensor detects iron in the ink of currency
  • Fluorescent light for watermark verification 
  • Suitable for all the banknotes, driving licenses, passports and all other official documents with security features 


Detections  Ultraviolet, Microprint, Watermark Verification,   Magnetic Ink
Power Supply  AC 110V/60 Hz or AC 220V/50 Hz
Dimension  270(L)x150(W) x 145(H) mm
Weight  1.3 KG
Optional Accessory  Ultraviolet & Fluorescent Tube





Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Doa
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