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Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect (PAL, 500 GB, 1 Controller, Black)

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Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect (PAL, 500 GB, 1 Controller, Black)

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Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect (PAL, 500 GB, 1 Controller, Black)

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The Xbox One is a benchmark in the gaming-industry and the simply the best console so far from the Xbox family. It sets an untouched new level of gaming, graphics and multitasking. The Xbox One efficiently combines world class gaming and entertainment in a single package. Moreover, the Xbox Live further enhances your multiplayer gaming by providing fast matchmaking and better performances. Along with games, Xbox One also provides optimum movie support, TV, music and more. With its advanced multitasking feature you can switch or even use two features simultaneously. For example, you can listen to music and even games concurrently with utmost ease and comfort. The highly advanced controllers, Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass further enhance the experience of the Xbox One.

Simply amazing

The Xbox One Console welcomes you to a new generation of gaming and entertainment. The games supported on the Xbox One set new benchmarks by pushing the boundaries of realism. You can listen to your favourite music and play games simultaneously. With the Xbox One Console, you can just switch from TV to movies to music to games in a snap. It is a singular hub for all of your entertainment needs.

The finest in gaming for gamers

The Xbox One has been designed by gamers and for gamers around the world. It perfectly blends power and performance, delivering results to please all kinds of gamers. The Xbox One provides stunning realism that must be experienced to be believed. It packs an advanced AI that adapts itself to the way you play. Its multiplayer module is smarter, and faster than anything seen before. All these features come together to make the Xbox One simply the best gaming console from the Xbox.

Advanced Multiplayer Experiences and Service

For a decade, Xbox Live has garnered a reputation among millions of gamers from around the world. With the Xbox One, multiplayer experiences are upgraded with smarter match-making, less waiting and better overall performances. Gamers can even record their moments of glory and share or broadcast them for the world to see it.

Entertainment and Gaming

Now you don't have to compromise on anything you love. With the Xbox One, you have the best games, TV, movies, music and sports all built into one device. You can switch effortlessly from one to another, or even enjoy both simultaneously. For example, you can talk with friends and family on Skype while enjoying your favourite TV show