Mamajoo - Descaling Powder For Electrical Products 150 Gr

• : Run your warmer for 10 minutes at highest temperature and then turn off.
• Wait for 30 minutes, then empty the water inside and rinse the product. Activate it again at nor-mal mode for once again, empty the water inside and wipe with a dry cloth. Your product is ready for use.


Specially designed for the maintenance of electrical products such as sterilizers and warmers. In order to ensure that your sterilizer and bottle/ food warmer is working with 100% efficiency, when the dried function used, you need to remove the limescale every week and even more frequently for regions where the water is hard.How to use:Pour 10 gr (a full dessert spoon) mamajoo Descal-ing Powder into the unit that is filled with 90 ml water.For Sterilizer: Run your sterilizer for 2 minutes while its lid is open and then turn off.


Weight: 0.16KG
Shipping Weight: 150G
Recommended Age: Suitable for Mums
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Mamajoo
Colour White
Age 0 +
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