Licensed Mercedes Benz X-Class 24V - Black

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup is the first ever pickup that Mercedes have produced and we are really excited to have gotten our hands on the (slightly smaller!) 24V ride-on kid's version and powered by 4 x 35W motors, this 4WD drive ride-on pickup is capable of 8km/h and being a two seater it can carry two children with a combined weight of up to 50kg, which is almost twice the capacity of a lot of ride ons! Oozing luxury and class with the same ability to turn heads that the original model has it comes with all the extra's you would expect from a ride on with this pedigree. All it takes is one look and you know that this isn't just your average child's ride-on but then this is a 24V and 4WD ride-on licensed by Mercedes-Benz.


Key Features:

  • Control - 2.4G Parental Remote Control
  • Suspension - 4 Wheel Suspension
  • Includes - Sound Controls, Power Indicator
  • Music & Lights - Music, Front Lights, Rear Lights, and Light up Dash
  • Safety - Safety Seat Belt
  • Door - Opening Doors and Tailgate
  • Gears - Forward and Reverse Gears
  • Handle  - Transportation Handle
  • Motors - 4 x 35 W
  • Battery - 2 x 12V7AH
  • Assembly Time - 1 Hour
  • Number Of Seats - 2
  • Voltage - 24 V


Brand: Megastar
Type: Battery Operated Ride-Ons
Age: 3 Years+

Body Specification:
Battery - Yes
Music System - Yes
No. of Wheels - 4
No. of Motors - 2
Charger - Yes

Technical Specification:

Product Dimensions: 141 x 78 x 66 cm
Package Dimensions: 142 x 79.2 x 43.5 cm
Weight: 38 KG

Items Included:

1 Battery Operated Car 

GenderBoy / Girl
Age3 +
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