Legamaster TZ 66 Whiteboard Cleaning Wipes 100 Tissues

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Legamaster TZ66 Whiteboard Cleaning Wipes are moist, lint-free disposable cleaning wipes for your whiteboard in a white dispenser. Perforated tear-off edge; tissues are dispensed one by one. Moistened with detergent surfactant in alcohol solution which is also quick-drying. Another product of ours for the purpose of cleaning boards is out TZ6/7/8 Whiteboard & Glass board Cleaner (150ml/125ml/250ml Bottles) Reference Number(s): 7-121000/7-121200/7-121300 - Why not check them out! Need a cloth to go with the board cleaning bottles? Try out our Legamaster Microfibers Cloth (set of two); Reference Number 7-121700

Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Axon
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