Legamaster FLEX laptop shelf for EHA column system

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Electrical, height-adjustable
Height-adjustable within a 50 or 60 cm range
Soft start-stop function
For e-Board Touch 2 and projection board FLEX solutions
Two wall mounting brackets
Dual mount system for projector arm to reduce vibrations
Includes 100 cm marker tray
VESA 100 interface for PC mounting
Designed for ergonomic use of Legamaster e-Board Touch and projection board solutions
Set desired board height at the touch of the button
The weight of the construction rests on the floor, making the system suitable for use in rooms with non-rigid walls
Solid design with high-quality LINAK® electrical lifting column for safe and reliable use
The stand has sufficient space to house PCs with smaller form factors
Designed with special cable-management solutions and special cover that hides the controller and, for example, a multiple socket outlet
Slot for Kensington® type cable locks to secure your equipment
Low operation noise level
The small version is the ideal solution in situations where the e-Board has to be used by both small children and adults
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Axon
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