Keenz - 7S Deluxe Foldable Wagon-Stroller - Blue

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    • Compact and lightweight
    • Easy to fold in 3 seconds
    • One step on/off brakes stop your stroller using only one foot
    • 5 point seat safety harness
    • Removable fabric for easy cleaning
    • Dual adjustable handles
    • Double locking
    • Leather handle covers
    • Comes with built in cushions & curtains, shopping basket, shoe storage, removable canopy, cooling bag (for limited period), cup holder (for limited period) and a stroller carry bag for easy storage
    • Made of a durable 1.6 mm durable aluminum frame to make it lightweight of only 14KG yet sturdy and strong, certified to carry 50KG load (can handle 75KG easily too)
    • Advance ball bearing and shock absorbing wheel system
    • Material: Polyester / Aluminum / Leather

Keenz is quickly absorbing the traditional stroller market. It creates a new market for baby wagon-stroller that can be used even after babies outgrow normal strollers. Keenz understands that parents are often out and about with their children in today fast-paced world. The intention is to create quality wagon-stroller for that very purpose, with unmatched functionality and unrivalled design. Combining the safety of a stroller with the utility of a wagon, Keenz wagon-strollers will remain a family staple long after the stroller days are over. No other brand offers as much flexibility as Keenz. In fact, Keenz is now recognized as the worldwide industry leader in developing safe, reliable, versatile and high quality wagon-strollers.

Keenz wagon-strollers are patented and are certified to carry a load up to 50 kg (even though it can handle 75 kg easily too), which means that even your 14-years old boy can be easily pushed around in the wagon-stroller! That will be extremely helpful when having family excursions to the zoo, the bird park or the beach. With the built-in shopping basket, you can now go supermarket shopping without the need to worry about pushing a stroller and a trolley at the same time! Obviously you can always use it as a utility wagon anytime or once your baby outgrows it. Best of both worlds since Keenz wagon-strollers have been specially designed from scratch to address the shortcomings of both the strollers and the wagons! In fact, it has already been proven that such wagon-strollers are being used much more frequently than traditional strollers for obvious reasons. The Keenz 7S Premium Deluxe Foldable Wagon-Stroller is an innovative-patented product designed and engineered in Korea. Incorporating ergonomic designs with unrivalled luxury and safety features, our functional design combines aesthetics with utility to create the 7S model, the most skilfully crafted premium foldable multi-purpose wagon-stroller on the market. The 7S comes with two 5-points safety belts, a stroller cover, a shopping basket, a shoe pouch, utility pockets, a canopy and even a canopy-carrying bag!

The Keenz 7S can be used as a single or double stroller. It is so spacious that even your 2-years old boy can lie flat inside without having to bend his legs! The interior is padded for the comfort of your baby. For those who want to go for the extreme, you can get the optional extra-thick mattress to create a very comfortable bed for your baby! You no longer need to worry about your baby sleeping uncomfortably or being disturbed by others when you bring him out, especially with the canopy and curtains put in place.

Chassis, Main Fabric
2 sets of 5-Point Seat Belt
Basket with Shoe Pouch
Utility Pockets
Canopy with Mesh & Curtains
Canopy Storage Case
Strap Cover

Product Dimensions: Unfoded: 49 x 91 x 110 cm
Foded: 49 x 39 x 90 cm

Package Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 83 cm
Weight: 13KG
Shipping Weight: 19.1KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 0-5 years

Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Keenz
Colour Blue
Age 0 +
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