intimus 100 CP4 Office Shredder

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The intimus 100 CP4 is proof that an office shredder does not have to sacrifice security for the sake of speed. The 100 CP4 can shred up to 20 sheets per pass at a breakneck speed of 566 sheets of paper per minute. Despite this high throughput, each sheet of paper is shredded into particles measuring just over one-fifth of a square inch (1.41 cm square). In addition to paper, the 100 CP4 can shred paperclips, staples, and credit cards.


The 100 CP4 is designed for not only high throughput, but to emphasize convenience and ease of use as well. A color-coded Dynamic Light Sensor indicates when the shredder is ready to use, when it’s necessary to reduce the number of pages being inserted, and when the shredder is overloaded. To prevent damage, it is equipped with an auto-reverse function that ejects documents when they may potentially damage the shred drums. The control panel also has lighted indicators which show which illuminate when the basket is full or the door is open. To minimize the need to dump shred remains, the 100 CP4 comes equipped with a spacious 26.4 gallon (100 liter) catch basket which can store thousands of shredded documents.

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