Inpro Solar Macro Stirling Engine


Functional model of a HOG Stirling piston engine on a wooden base, Description: use of temperature difference / cyclic compression and air expansion / energy conversion to moss. work, Material: Aluminum, Finish: Gold24K, Size: 20x9x16cm


Product description and features

Metal model of the HOG Stirling piston heat engine from 1816 - functional model on the granite base of the manufacturer INPROSOLAR HOG Stirling engine 6543 (Required step: heating the glass jar, Material: aluminum, Finish: 24-carat gold, Power: 10W, Demonstration: heat pump , Dimensions: 200x90x160 mm, Color: according to surface treatment)

Product description:

Brothers Róbert and James Stirling built a heat engine in 1816 that was (is) safe, simple and especially economical. A Stirling engine is a reciprocating heat engine in which energy for the duty cycle is supplied by heat transfer from an external source. In most cases, heat is obtained by combustion, so it is an external combustion engine.

This tabletop model of the Stirling engine uses a small alcohol burner to heat it up. A few minutes after igniting the burner, the Sterling engine reaches about 1000 rpm . The connected electric generator can produce  up to 10 W of electricity to drive a motorcycle, light bulb , etc. If we connect the generator to an external 12 DC power supply, it works as a motor. We can also further demonstrate the principle of a heat pump , ie cyclic compression and expansion of air or other working gas . Depending on the polarity, the glass cylinder will cool or heat.

Overview of individual phases of operation of the Sterling engine:

This specific product is suitable for display in residential, office or social spaces, where it often attracts attention. It can also be used as a stylish paperweight. It will interest children and adults, fans of unusual things, technical types, but also lovers of energy transformation.

One variant is supplied by the manufacturer:

  • 6543_ - Stirling engine on a granite base - 24 carat gold-plated

Recommended use:

functional model of the Stirling engine - an ecological gift for children and adults, designed for learning, relaxation and fun.

Recommended work environment:

indoor (most often), outdoor environment possible



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Brand Inpro Solar
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