iFam - Easy Doing Front Bookshelf - 3Pink

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    • 40mm thick play mat to cushion the impact of trips and falls
    • Perfect fit for Marshmallow Plus Baby Play Yard
    • Materials suitable for use in both cold and warm rooms
    • Foldable baby mat makes it easy to keep and stand on its own when not required
    • Easy to maintain by wiping with damp cloth
    • Pastel & Neutral colour combination to fit any house interior for a calm and happy little one
    • Zips are hidden from baby reach and no sharp edges make it safe for young children
    • Water resistant ensuring spills and saliva does not seep through easily
    • Both side usable
    • Non-toxic & BPA free material
    • Certified by CE & SGS Korea for baby safety material
    • Made in Korea
  Description: Marshmallow Plus Folder Mat is the ideal play mat for IFAM newest Marshmallow Plus baby play room. This foldable baby mat has an ideal thickness to cushion your baby trips & fall when they learn to crawl and walk. A spacious rectangular mat with customizable size when required.
GenderBoy / Girl
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