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iCore Gaming Racing Wheel for PS3 / Xbox360, Black

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iCore Gaming Racing Wheel for PS3 / Xbox360, Black

SKU:        iCRW1000
For Age:   4 +

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  • Brand: iCore
  • Accessory Type: Controllers
  • Compatible with: PC

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Do you love playing race games such as Forza, Need for Speed, and Gran Turismo? If your answer is yes, then you probably have them in your Xbox 360 or PCs. And you’re probably playing it with an analog controller or a keyboard. Although these are good enough to help you steer and veer, nothing really matches the responsiveness of a steering wheel. Don't you think you deserve to get the full racing experience?

If you think you do, then get this Icore Racing Wheel specially designed for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and PC consoles. It has everything you need in a controller. However, it is packaged under a guise of a racing wheel. Isn't that sweet? 

Now you don't have to convince yourself that you're really racing. With the iCore Racing Wheel IcRW1000, race like pro, race like a winner

  • Delivers the most realistic racing experience
  • Steering angle 180 degree
  • Diameter of wheel: 10”
  • Analog gas, brake pedals
  • Dual realistic live vibration feature
  • Programmable function and adjustable sensitivity function
  • Various rubber grip colors
  • Available rubber coat feeling for comfortable operation