GBC 4402076 A3 Inspire+ Home Laminator, Black

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Inspire+ Home A3 Laminator

Perfect for those new to the joy of laminating, the GBC Inspire+ Home Laminator guarantees quality results from a user-friendly machine. After five minutes of warm-up, you can begin laminating your documents in 2x75 micron pouches. An optional cold setting is also available to use with self-adhesive cold seal pouches, and an exit tray assists in ensuring a flat finish. Equally stylish and ultra-compact for storage, this laminator is sure to inspire new projects.

GBC - Work. Finished.

GBC not only helps you get your work finished but ensures quality and efficiency. Our laminators are efficient, fast and technologically advanced that can cater for a wide variety of users’ needs whether at home or in the office. We are confident that with our broad selection of models available, you’ll find exactly what meets your needs

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Brand Axon
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