Gambol - Self-Balancing Chic Smart Skateboard - Blue

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  1. One key star technology: no complicated operation.

  2. The cool and colorful scooter light: Let you be the fashionest focus in the night.

  3. Speed limitation safe care.

  4. Top graded aluminium alloy scooter hub.

Character of the Lamborghini self balancing scooter

  1. Special design of the tire, can hold the road really well: The native rubber with unique screw thread, can utmostly increases tyre's grip to strengthen the safe factor. No matter it is gravel road, lawn, snowfield or wet street, the Lamborghini can still pass them easily.

  2. Upgraded power: Top grade Magnetic Levitation Motor is very quiet when moving, is more powerful and stronger. There are 20 seconds' alarm before the electricity is entirely run out. This can help to prevent you from the suddenly power failure. 

  3. Safe systerm: There is a precision balancing instrument, can keep balancing when you lean forward or backward. Lean forward is speed up and Lean backward is slow down.

  4. Speed limitation protection: When the speed is over 10 km/h, the front of the pedal will lift up along with the speed inceasing; when the speed reaches to 16 km/h, it will lift up about 10 degree, you will be difficult to speed up more by leaning forward; The systerm will star the tilt protection and then stop moving smoothly.

GenderBoy / Girl
Age10 - 12
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