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Delivery Information

We deliver your product within two(2) working days within UAE and if shipment is outside of UAE then we courrier it. So the delivery depend upon courrier company but we make sure and we give the product next day of order to that courrier company.

If i confirm any order today, then when I get my product?

Lets say if the customer confirms his/her order today like monday then he/she can get the product within next 2 working days (tuesday or wednesday)  and this is only for UAE customers.

We suggest our customers to make sure that your product perfect at the time of delivery and we highly appreciate if you sign our shipment paper, our delivery person will bring along with him.

Note for CustomerWe send confirmation email/call to those who pay online via card, If incase we didn't received any reply back in 2/3 working days or if customer dislike and want to return back even didn't open the box then we refund their online payment to them but in this case Bank Charges will apply