Chicco Soother Physio Soft Latex 6-12m ,1 Piece

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Berry PHYSIO SOFT SOOTHER Soother in Silcone transparent baby 0M + Soother for babies 0m +, to ensure that the soother both of ecorretta size for the mouth of the child during its growth. Available in silicone. 0% BPA. Extra soft and flexible material: soft to touch on the skin, the gommotti are designed so as not to disturb the child even during bedtime. Like the womb, the base of the shield is soft and curved, like the mother's breast. So the lips can close naturally and prevents the leakage of saliva, often cause irritation. Ventilation holes: they allow the passaggiodell'aria and reduce the accumulation of saliva. With ACTIVE teat that actively promotes the correct development of the mouth: 1. It promotes the natural positioning of the tongue. 2. It distributes pressure evenly on the palate, for proper oral development. 3. Base super thin, for optimal closure of the mouth. Format Sold single. Cod. 0007198400000/0007198500000/0007198600000/0006701400000/0006701500000/0006701600000/0000180800000/0000181000000/0000180900000

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