Automatic banding machine TZ-888


TZ-888 are specially designed for banding of various kinds of comprehensive sensitive products to bundles or to stacks in the packaging field as well in the quality product field like banknote, stationery, magazine, apparel, and distributor and so on. If product is banded by paper tape, that will be looked as more high quality.

The models which we can provide are working with 40 / 30 / 20 /10 mm band in width, and the band can be paper or plastic both; Each machine can be selected only one width of band to work, hence same machine can not be used with two kinds of bands in width; the standard model is working with 30 mm band in width.

Product Feature
Compact design

Solid mechanical construction

Universal sealing temperature

Variable loop size

Adjustable guides to suit the product size

Adjustable tape tension

Closing the band by temperature sealing

Sealing the band underneath the product

Push button or photo cell control

Product Specification / Models
Banding capability:

For Paper tape:

Banding Width: 240mm (20/30/40mm width tape)

Banding height: 170mm (20/30/40mm width tape)

For Plastic tape:

Banding Width: 220mm (20/30/40mm width tape)

Banding height: 140mm (20/30/40mm width tape)

Tape type: Both Paper tape and Plastic tape

Tape width: 20/30mm or 40mm

Tape Length: 150m

Banding speed: 20-25 times/Minute

Voltage: 110/220/230/240V 50/60Hz 1 Phase

Machine weight: 27Kg

Application / Models
Banknote, Paper, stationery, apparel, tableware, envelope, medicine banding
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Tay Chian Taiwan
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