Hape - Step & Stroll - Racing

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Hape - Step & Stroll - Racing

SKU:        E0377
For Age:   1+
Brand:   Hape


"Young walkers can pull themselves up and be in charge of their own adventures! Adjust the tension to safely control your child""s strolling speed. -Adjust the tension to control your little one's traveling speed. -Help your child develop an understanding of their body, momentum, and speed"

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Hape's Step & Stroll - Racing Stripes E0377 will help your child to develop an understanding of their body, momentum and speed. For added safety, your little one's cruising speed can be controlled by adjusting the tension of the wheels. It features child-safe finishings, and both the colours and the materials used are age appropriate. The toy is suitable for children from 12 months and up