Hape - My First GYM

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Hape - My First GYM

SKU:        E0032
For Age:   0 +
Brand:   Hape


Constructed of wood and painted in pleasing colors. Accented with brightly colored rattles and rings. A mirror at the top reflects baby’s smile and actions. Babies play and exercise at the same time. Keeps baby entertained and active.

Educational Benefits

Hand eye coordination

Fine motor skills

Gross motor skills

Tactile, visual and auditory stimulation

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This gym was on our “top ten” list of the best and most important things we bought for our baby. I will admit we bought things like crazy for our first little one, but we tried to stick within the guidelines of organic/non-toxic/environmentally friendly. I love that this gym is wooden and classic looking, especially when you compare it to all the plastic and synthetic options out there. What’s even better is our baby LOVES it and has seemed really ahead of the curve when it comes to hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. She loves looking in the mirror and is captivated by the colors.